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GeoMinEx Consultants Inc
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The Company

The GeoMinEx team has been carefully assembled over the course of fifteen years, and is overseen by its founders, Mr. John A. Nicholson and Mr. Brian D. Game.

Allan R. Miller, PhD., P.Geo.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Dr. Miller is the principal of a mineral deposits consulting company that has been active for the last 15 years. Prior to 1997, he spent 25 years with the Geological Survey of Canada as a Mineral Deposits Research Scientist responsible for regional-scale metallogeny, deposit-scale alteration studies and regional and detailed mapping in northern Canada (eastern Northwest Territories and Nunavut).

Dr. Miller has worked on multiple deposit types; lode and epithermal gold, Ni-Cu-PGE, sediment-hosted redbed copper-silver and lead-zinc, uranium, diamonds, volcanogenic massive sulphide, and copper-gold porphyry in northern Canada, throughout the Central and South America, Mexico, China, Russian Federation and Fennoscandia.

Dr Miller has numerous publications to his name and has been a guest lecturer at several universities in both Canada and Europe.

For the past 7 years, Dr. Miller has worked exclusively with Geominex Consultants as its primary consulting geologist responsible for detailed geological mapping, ore petrography, deposit vectoring and ore deposit modelling.


John A. Nicholson, P.Geo., FRGC
Vancouver, B.C., Canada

John Nicholson is the principal partner of Geominex Consultants Inc. Mr. Nicholson has worked for both junior and major mining companies leading large and complex exploration projects in remote locations in Canada and internationally, responsible for all aspects of project management, project coordination and logistical support.

Mr Nicholson graduated from the University of British Columbia with an Honours Degree in Geology in 1985. During his more than 25 year career, Mr. Nicholson has been involved in exploration programs and project management for both precious and base metal deposits in Canada, the United States, Mexico, South America (Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, and Brazil) and Europe. Mr. Nicholson carries with him a wealth of experience in project management and logistics along with a strong geological background. Mr. Nicholson is the co-author of a number of 43-101 Reports.


Brian D. Game, P.Geo.
Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Brian Game is a co-owner and partner of Geominex Consultants Inc. Mr. Game has worked with both senior and junior mining companies and has extensive operational and drill management experience ranging from preliminary grassroots testing to large programs for ore reserve definition. Mr. Game is the author and co-author of numerous 43-101 Reports.

Mr Game graduated from the University of British Columbia in 1985 and has over 25 years of exploration experience in Canada and internationally. He has experience in a wide variety of mineral deposits including epithermal and lode gold, volcanogenic massive sulphide, magmatic Ni-Cu-PGM, porphyry copper-gold, sediment hosted copper and skarn deposits. Mr. Game has participated in and managed exploration programs for precious and base metals throughout Canada, United States, Central and South America, Europe (Albania) and Southeast Asia (Philippines).


John Walther, P.Geo.
Vancouver, B.C., Canada

John Walther joined Geominex Consultants Inc. in 2007 and has worked on a number of projects in Canada, Europe and South America and has become well versed in all aspects of mineral exploration.

Mr. Walther graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland in 2004. Since his graduation, John has worked on a number of deposit types including lode gold, volcanogenic massive sulphide, Ni-Cu-PGM and porphyry molybdenum-copper. Mr. Walther has also specialized in ArcGIS, data base management, ore resource modelling (SURPAC), and has worked on a number of 43-101 resource estimates for Geominex and its clients.


On every GeoMinEx project there is a multi-disciplinary team of professionals and technicians with an exceptional reservoir of wisdom, expertise and enthusiasm.

GeoMinEx is a private company in the junior mining industry and services sector. From their head office in Vancouver, Canada, GeoMinEx provides a multiplicity of services to companies operating in mineral exploration and development. GeoMinEx has a strong talent base with a foundation of expertise and seasoned field experience, especially in international and remote access project locations.